You’re here!

Just love the urgency that time- the fact that it doesn’t slow down or stop for anyone or thing- places on life. It just goes on… And on fast! In regards to prayers being answered and desires being met, also just love the truth we must accept, that whether or not we see or feel like God is at work in and for us, He is and He is making things happen, as time quickly goes by.

Face it- God is for us, and the time is always! To live with purpose, passion and boldness! To pursue dreams- big or small, one step at a time, and to get a heartful of all that life has to offer and that God desires to bless us with. Do away with fear, worry and doubt! Choose to trust, hope and believe that His promises will come to pass!

2015, you’re here… But more importantly, God… You’re here!

Time for big things- big adventures, big breakthroughs and big blessings!